'Covalt Blue'  movie is a  sexual awakening in primary colours.

Cobalt Blue is the chronicle of a brother and sister who both fall in love with their new tenant.

novel’s sensual imagery, intimate exploration of sexual desire and aching melancholia survive the transition from page to screen.

The film, which is out on Netflix, stars Prateik Babbar as the tenant who upturns the lives of the siblings Tanay (Neelay Mehendale) and Anuja (Anjali Sivaraman).

Cobalt Blue is also about Anuja, Tanay’s tomboyish sibling who prefers hockey to domestic chores.

Kundalkar’s novel was divided into his and her sections, with the brother and sister providing their respective perspective of the man.

The incompleteness of the sister’s point of view in the novel carries over to the movie adaptation.

The uneven and stilted pacing extends to the disposable scenes revolving around Tanay’s parents.

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